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EveryoneIsMadHere: Win a free handmad bjd-related item!

In celebration of me starting my blog, facebook page and newsletter accounts I will be giving away a unique handmade item created by me! Contest starts Today Sunday, March 6th and ends Sunday, March 20th at 11:59pm. The winner will be posted on my facebook page!


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Thank you!

We’re All Mad Here!!

Alice… who has been wondering in wonderland a bit too long… and her dolly “the Skeleton of the March Hare” who both have imbided in too much “tea” at the party and have gone a “bit mad”!! She now thinks she’s the Mad Hatter, but in all this nonsense she has become a bit too shy. Can someone please help this little girl find her way back home!!


one of a kind DT Seola13!

blushed Everpurple body
red dress with flower print
tall mad hatter hat
tan underskirt
Hand dyed pink wig
limited edition boots by Val Zeitler
skeleton doll friend
stockings and arm warmers
flower chocker
+some special extras!!

Dolls and more Dolls

Welcome to“EveryOneIsMadHere”! This is Wonderland and the place where I will post photos of my fullset OOAK bjd’s. I will post the process and show you uncut fabric before they turn into something wonderful. I will also update you once they are complete and ready for adoption!

I’ll also share photos and things that inspire me..Visual is always stimulating!

I hope that my work and the things that inspire me will also inspire you!

Thanks so much for visiting and please tell me what’s on your mind!

Welcome to Wonderland where everyone here is mad!!!